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We are currently offering a postdoc position and a PhD position in the context of the ITN Marie Curie International Training Network cQOM on optomechanics.

Question: A photon is sent into an optical cavity. We want to have at least one point in time at which there is unit probability of finding the photon inside the cavity. How do we have to choose the photon’s wave packet?

If you can answer this and similar questions, come and join us in our explorations at the intersection of nanophysics and quantum optics. Our main focus is currently in optomechanics. This new field studies the interaction of light and nanomechanical motion. Recent breakthrough experiments have laser-cooled a nanomechanical resonator into its ground state of mechanical motion for the first time. This opens the door towards quantum optomechanical circuits, many-body physics, potential applications in ultrasensitive measurements, quantum information, and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics.

We are offering one postdoc position for 1 year and one PhD position for 3 years (restrictions for eligibility according to Marie-Curie rules apply to both these positions)

at our group at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Our group is located at the university but associated with the recently established Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light at Erlangen. Besides optomechanics, our group studies many-body physics in cold atoms and electrons, decoherence, superconducting qubits, and transport through nanostructures.

Send your CV by email to:

Please arrange to have two letters of reference sent as well.

Interviews will be continued until suitable candidates have been found.

Prerequisites - Our work has both analytical and numerical components, and in most of the topics we have collaborations with experimentalists. Thus, computer skills and the desire to apply theory to real-world problems are strong advantages. We put particular emphasis on physical understanding.

Erlangen - The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is the second-largest university in Bavaria. The physics department with 12 experimental and four theory chairs is in the process of strengthening the nanophysics/optics interface. Our group is associated with the recently established Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Light at Erlangen. The campus is situated in Erlangen, with the larger city of Nuremberg within thirty minutes distance.

Collaborations - We have ongoing collaborations with both experimental and theoretical groups all over the world, including at Yale, Caltech, Boston University, McGill (Montreal, Canada), University College London, and others. Visits to such groups are considered an integral part of the PhD work. Longer-term stays within these groups can be arranged if the PhD candidate is interested in this option. We are part of a newly established European Marie Curie Initial Training Network ITN grant on optomechanics.

Write us - Join our team! Please send inquiries or applications to

Florian Marquardt (

With applications, please include a CV (for PhD student applicants: with grades; for postdoc applicants: with publication list and arrange for two persons to send a recommendation letter).