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From Institute for Theoretical Physics II / University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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This is us. After each name, we indicate the room (02. indicates 2nd floor; at Staudtstr. 7, Erlangen, building B3), and the telephone extension. Dial 09131-85-extension from within Germany or +49-9131-85-extension from abroad. The email adress is always

Click on the pictures to go to the respective home pages (if available).


Group leaders

Florian Marquardt (Prof. Dr., chair) - 02.786, 28461; see Homepage Florian Marquardt
Eric Lutz (Prof. Dr.) - 02.772, 28459; see Homepage Eric Lutz
Paul-Gerhard Reinhard (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c., emeritus) - 02.782, 28460;


Claudia Schlechte - 02.783, 28462; see Homepage Claudia Schlechte

Marquardt group

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Steven Habraken (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.773, 20793;
Vittorio Peano (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.771, 28458
Deng Zhijiao (Ms.) (Dr.) - Postdoctoral Researcher - 02.773, 20793
Stefan Kessler (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.) - 01.589, 28457; Homepage Stefan Kessler
Andreas Kronwald (M.Sc.hon.) - 02.773, 20793 ; Homepage Andreas Kronwald
Roland Lauter (Dipl.-Phys.) - 02.771, 28458
Michael Schmidt(M.Sc.hon.) - 02.773, 20793
Talitha Weiß (M.Sc.) - 02.773, 20793; Homepage Talitha Weiss

Lutz group

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Obinna Abah PhD student - 01.587
Jose J Alonso C PhD student - 01.589, 28457
Andreas Dechant PhD student (currently at FU Berlin)
Mona Dentler Master student - 01.589, 28457
Tobias Denzler Bachelor student - 01.588, 28457
Alexander Friedenberger PhD student - 01.588, 28457; Homepage Alexander Friedenberger
Moritz Hübner Bachelor student - 01.588, 28457
Michael Konopik Bachelor student - 01.587, 28457

Reinhard group

Philipp Wopperer (Dipl.-Phys.) - 01.589, 28457
Günter Zwicknagel (Prof. Dr.) - 00.504, 28813 [homepage]

Alumni Marquardt group

These are the hard-working, talented physicists who have made our research possible in the past.

Oliver Viehmann (Dipl.-Phys.; Dr.); Oliver defended his thesis on multi-qubit circuit quantum electrodynamics (co-supervised with Jan von Delft) at the LMU Munich, on September 3, 2013; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Oliver Viehmann
Max Ludwig (Dipl.-Phys., Dr.); Max defended his thesis on quantum optomechanics, on February 7, 2013; At the end of October 2013, he joined the consulting company Boston Consulting Group in Munich; Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Ludwig at University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg. Old Erlangen Group Homepage Max Ludwig
Clemens Neuenhahn (Dipl.-Phys., Dr.); Clemens defended his thesis on nonequilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems, on December 5, 2012. Since the fall of 2013 he is with the consulting company Roland Berger in Berlin; Old Erlangen Group Homepage Clemens Neuenhahn
Björn Kubala (postdoc, Dr., Dipl.-Phys.); Björn moved to the University of Ulm end of 2011
Georg Heinrich (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.) - PhD October 2011: "Nanomechanics interacting with light: Dynamics of coupled multimode optomechanical systems". Email. Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Heinrich at University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg; Georg moved to a position with Boston Consulting Group in Hamburg after his PhD.
Ferdinand Helmer (Dr., Dipl.-Phys., MSc) - PhD July 2009: "Quantum information processing and measurement in circuit quantum electrodynamics" - now with Dr. Neuburger & Partner. Email: Download the PhD thesis at: PhD thesis Helmer at University Library Munich.
Benjamin Abel (Dr., Dipl.-Phys.) - PhD February 2009: "Macroscopic superposition states and decoherence by quantum telegraph noise" - Email: Send an email to Florian Marquardt to obtain a PDF copy of the thesis.

Alumni Reinhard group (partial list)

Jochen Erler (Dr.) - graduated in 2010
Bernhard Faber (Dr.) - graduated in 2011

Former Visitors

Fabian Heidrich-Meisner (Prof. Dr., visiting professor, winter term 2012/13)
Ignacio Wilson-Rae (Prof. Dr., visiting professor, winter term 2011/12) - teaching Theoretical Quantum Optics; for other information see my homepage at TU Munich
Huaizhi Wu (long term visiting student, September 2009 - February 2011; returned to Fuzhou University, China)